Data Science
and Machine Learning

Get trained by experienced data science practitioners and be industry ready. Become equipped with the knowledge and skills to extract valuable insights from complex datasets, apply cutting-edge algorithms, and make informed decisions. Dive into the world of data-driven discovery and unleash your potential to solve real-world problems through advanced statistical modeling and predictive analytics.

No degree or prior experience is required. Train with a world-class instructor and get mentored by a Fortune 500 Data Science practitioner

  • Learn with live instructors
    Learn with live instructors

    three times weekly

  • project-based learning
    project-based learning

    Build an impressive portfolio

  • Job assistance provided
    Job assistance provided

    Work 1-on-1 with a career coach

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    Upfront Cost: $1,399

  • Course length

    3 Months

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What you'll learn

  • The foundations of data science, including data manipulation, cleaning, and visualization techniques.
  • Statistical analysis and exploratory data analysis to extract meaningful insights from diverse datasets.
  • Supervised learning algorithms such as linear regression, decision trees, and support vector machines for predictive modeling
  • Unsupervised learning techniques like clustering and dimensionality reduction to uncover patterns and structure within data.
  • Apply various data science skills, techniques, and tools to complete a project and publish a report
  • Be able to create Machine Learning algorithms in Python, using NumPy, statsmodels and scikit-learn
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Key Features

  • Live, instructor-led course
  • Job placement assistance
  • Resume prep and mock interviews

Course Curriculum

  • 1. Introduction to Data Science: Definition, Roles, and Skill sets 
    2. Introduction to various Data Science Tools: Python, R, SQL, Jupyter Notebooks, etc. 

    3. Installation and Setup of Tools
    4. Introduction to Python Programming: Variables, Types, Lists, and Dictionaries 

  • 1. Python Conditional and Looping Structures 

    2. Python Functions, Modules, and Libraries

    3. Introduction to NumPy 

  • 1. Introduction to Pandas: Series and DataFrames

    2. Data Cleaning and Preparation with Pandas 

  • 1. Descriptive Statistics and Visualizations with Matplotlib and Seaborn

    2. EDA Case Study 

  • 1. Correlation and Regression Analysis

    2. Introduction to Bayesian Statistics 

  • 1. Supervised Learning: Linear Regression 
    2. Supervised Learning: Logistic Regression
    3. Introduction to Classification: k-NN, Decision Trees 

  • 1. Unsupervised Learning: Clustering, k-Means, Hierarchical 
    2. Unsupervised Learning: Dimension Reduction, PCA
    3. Model Evaluation and Validation: Confusion Matrix, ROC Curve, Cross-Validation (2 hours)

  • 1. Ensemble Methods: Random Forests, Bagging, Boosting

    2. Support Vector Machines 
    3. Introduction to Neural Networks 

  • 1. Introduction to Natural Language Processing

    2. Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs) 

  • 1. Introduction to Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) 
    2. Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) 

  • 1. Introduction to Hadoop, Spark 
    2. Introduction to Visualisation: Tableau and Power BI 

  • 1. End-to-end Data Science Project Walkthrough (6 hours)

  • We prepare you for real-world interviews by providing one-on-one career coaching, mock interviews, and resume/LinkedIn editing.

    You will work with senior Data Scientists/analysts who make hiring decisions.

Why become a Data Scientist?

Thriving Job Market:

Data science is in high demand across industries, with a shortage of skilled professionals. As organizations increasingly rely on data-driven insights, the job market offers abundant opportunities for data scientists, ensuring excellent career prospects and job security.

Competitive Salaries

Data scientists are highly valued for their expertise, and this is reflected in competitive salary packages. Data science professionals often enjoy above-average salaries, along with additional benefits and opportunities for career growth, making it a financially rewarding field.

Versatile Skill Set

Data science encompasses a wide range of skills, including statistics, programming, machine learning, and data visualization. By acquiring these skills, you develop a versatile toolkit that can be applied across industries and domains, opening doors to diverse career paths and the ability to work on fascinating projects.

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Where our talents work

Learn the skills that companies are looking for and land a job that you will love. At IBT, we are outcome driven. We train you for successful careers in tech. 

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  • 85%

    interview within the first two weeks post graduation

  • 8%

    of our graduates accept offers the first two-three weeks after graduating

  • 4%

    Find employment before graduating

Paul Adeyanju
Paul Adeyanju
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The program will provide you with a great opportunity to switch from any work background to the data science industry. The lectures were practical and hands-on, with real-life data to work on

Paul Adeyanju
Paul Adeyanju
fourth logo small

The program will provide you with a great opportunity to switch from any work background to the data science industry. The lectures were practical and hands-on, with real-life data to work on

Paul Adeyanju
Paul Adeyanju
fourth logo small

The program will provide you with a great opportunity to switch from any work background to the data science industry. The lectures were practical and hands-on, with real-life data to work on

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    The IBT advantage

    Personalized learning and support

    Learning focused on you. Get personal support from your support engineers and industry mentors. Learning a new skill can feel overwhelming sometimes, that’s why we take your hand and guide you every step of the way.

    Live Instructor-led learning

    Learn from industry leaders in real-time. We don't give you a bunch of videos to watch and have one weekly check-in with you. For career changers, live, instructor led-learning is the best way to learn

    World-class instructors

    We take pride in the quality of highly sought-after instructors at IBT Learning. Our up-to-date curriculum is designed and taught by the best-in-class IT professionals.

    Outcome oriented

    While many boot camps train you to acquire certifications, we are much more than that. We train you with a focus on your outcome.

    Frequently asked questions

    The course is designed for individuals without a background in tech. Familiarity with Excel is recommended but not mandatory.

    Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from IBT showcasing your proficiency in data science and machine learning concepts.

    Yes, we do. We have specialist job coaches that will guide you after completing this program.  You will get interview requests landing in your email from companies looking to employ your skills. We work with premium head hunting agencies and their premium end clients looking to hire top talents. 

    We match you with one-on-one mentors and coaches that will guide you and get you prepared for the job market. After we help you land your dream job, we provide on-the-job support for up to one year, helping you every step of the way.  We help you brand yourself as a competent Data scientist and also connect you to opportunities on our own job placement platform:

    Yes, this course caters to both beginners and individuals with some prior knowledge of data science. The curriculum covers fundamental concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced topics to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

    Yes, you will have access to the course materials even after the course completion. You can refer back to the content, lecture recordings, and resources at your convenience.

    Absolutely! The course emphasizes practical learning, and you will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects that apply data science and machine learning techniques to real-world scenarios.

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