Press: Introducing IBT Learning, an eLearning platform closing the Skills gap and helping more people land jobs in tech

25, Jul 2022

IBT Learning trains students on in-demand skills to land in-demand tech jobs.

IBT Learning, an online instructor-led and job-oriented live training school for the tech job market is helping students, most of whom have no background in tech, navigate the tech job market and land roles in notable companies such as Amazon, Comcast, Disney, and others. 

In spite of the recent layoff waves, recruiting in the tech industry is on the rise — with companies reporting that they are hiring at or beyond pre-pandemic levels, according to a report by NBC. Among those surveyed, 52% said they planned to add new positions in the coming year and 80% said turnover has increased in their company over the past year. As companies scramble to adapt to a tight IT job market, they’re doing whatever they can to attract the right tech talent—talents and career opportunities IBT Learning is offering on its platform. 

IBT Learning does not just offer certification courses, but its live, instructor-led courses are job-oriented, equipping its students with real-world use cases and projects, helping them build sizable portfolios they can feel confident presenting during interviews. 

The eLearning platform provides training in DevOps, Data Science, Scrum, and Cyber Security, as well as other business and technology courses. IBT Learning’s team of tutors are proven program leaders with extensive years of success in leading all phases of diverse technology projects specializing in diverse disciplines. For the most part, IBT Learning’s instructors are industry leaders working or consulting for Fortune 50 companies.

Speaking about their instructors, the founder of IBT Learning, Godspower Oboido, said: “We’ve assembled a solid stack of qualified and experienced professionals to instruct and guide our students. We are proud of each and every one of the instructors who take it upon themselves to not just teach, but guide and mentor our students. It’s amazing!’’

An EdTech enthusiast and social entrepreneur. Godspower Oboido was recognized in 2016 as a Highly Commended runner-up in the Queens Young Leaders Award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition of his innovation in education. Godspower has always believed in broadening access to education which has seen him found several educational and social enterprises in the past. With IBT Learning, he hopes to expand access to online learning to help more people land well-paying jobs in tech. 

To ensure it stands out from the competition, IBT Learning offers personal interview coaching and career guidance on top of its broad job assistance program to ensure its students aren’t left behind at any step of the way. To offer an expansive and continuous course delivery, IBT Learning has partnered with leading institutions such as Edureka and Dallas Data Science Academy, to mention a few. “Partnership is definitely something we are for – there’s strength in numbers.” Victoria Peters, Business Development Manager for IBT Learning said.