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Internship Placement Policy 


This Internship Placement Policy outlines the responsibilities and expectations for placing individuals in internship positions through IBT Learning. Our goal is to provide clear guidelines for the process and responsibilities associated with securing internship opportunities for individuals.




Identification of Opportunities:

IBT Learning will actively seek and identify suitable internship opportunities for individuals based on their qualifications, skills, and career goals.


Interview Process:

Once a potential internship opportunity is identified, the individual will be informed of the interview process, which serves as a get-to-know-you session with the prospective company.


Company Acceptance:

The decision to accept or reject the individual for the internship position lies solely with the prospective employer.

If the company extends an offer, and the intern accepts the same, the placement process is considered complete.




Acceptance of Offer:

If the individual accepts the internship offer from the prospective company, they are expected to communicate their acceptance promptly.


Rejection of Offer:

If the individual decides to reject the internship offer, IBT Learning is not obligated to find another placement for them unless the intern provides three reasons why they cannot accept the offer. We will then work with our placement matters to look for another company for the intern.



This policy outlines the key aspects of our internship placement process at IBT Learning. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to streamline the placement process. It is understood that IBT Learning’s obligation concludes upon securing an internship offer, and the individual’s decision to accept or reject is at their discretion.