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    Frequently asked Questions

    The internships will last for one to four months or longer, it varies from one employer to another

    We do not guarantee a paid internship. We do this intentionally as access to opportunities to gain experience and build skills is the most vital component. Some hiring companies offer a stipend, which is facilitated between the HC and the intern directly. Of course, 1 in 4 are offered further employment, which is a bonus!

    Our team evaluates the qualifications and career goals of each applicant and matches them with host organizations based on their profiles and the specific requirements of each internship role.

    Yes, we offer post-internship career placement services to assist participants in transitioning to full-time employment in their chosen field.

    Yes, international students can apply for these internships. 

    Yes, there are costs associated with the internship program. We charge participation fees for securing placements with the host organization, as well as for associated career services we offer.

    Participants can expect to gain practical skills, industry-specific knowledge, expand their professional network, and enhance their resumes, making them mor